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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

55 Reasons to Home School

I read this article this morning, "Reasons to Home School". What a great list. It opened my eyes again to things I hadn't thought about.

Let me share a few:

2. Spend more time with children when they are rested and fresh rather than tired and cranky from school.
9. Encourage concentration and focus - which are discouraged in crowded classrooms with too many distractions.
13. Children learn to help more with household chores, developing a sense of personal responsibility.
24. Children can learn to work for internal satisfaction rather than for external rewards.
38. More time will be spent with people (friends and family) who really love and care about the children. Children will bond more with siblings and parents since they will spend more time together playing, working, and helping each other.
43. Grading is usually unnecessary and learning is seen as motivating in and of itself. Understanding and knowledge are the rewards for studying, rather than grades (or stickers, or teacher's approval, etc.).
55. Family will not be forced to work within school's traditional hours if it does not fit well with their job schedules and sleep needs.

It's a good read as well as a resource for others who are considering their educational options.


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