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Monday, October 09, 2006

Colleges Now Seeking Home Schooling Students

Focus on the Family brings us a great headline Colleges Seeking Homeschoolers. When meeting with new home schoolers, either moms or dads, I hear over and over again, "So how do they do getting into college?" I understand the concern and the question. We had the same one years ago. Now that 6 of 11 have made it there, most with scholarships, that question doesn't nag us anymore. Parents who visit with us, often find courage in the success of children like ours. Yet many are still searching for a reason to "trust their children" AND trust themselves as home schooling parents.

It is true that some schools are looking harder at high school transcripts. Especially for seniors who complete ACT or SAT tests early in their senior year and then basically loaf for the last 4 months. Yet this article makes it clear that while registrars are taking a second look at HS transcripts, they also are on high alert for home schooled children. Cyndy also feels strongly that a home schooled student who has Junior College time with good results, can almost right their own ticket. Why? ACT and SAT tests are really nothing more than a "predictor of success". That is what registrars are looking for. Some reason to believe that the boy or girl they invite to their institution will come, thrive and succeed, bringing honor the their school. As the article makes clear, home schoolers do better than most in college, and with one year or more of Junior college on record to prove it, there is little if any risk to the registrar in approving such an application.

Home schooled students, by and large, now have an advantage when seeking higher education. More and more, there is every reason to figure out a way TO home school instead of relying on worn out excuses why not. We as home schoolers are a private lot, still feeling our way for the most part on a day to day basis. Yet, if we can find ways to reach out and help others see educating at home as possible, not only will the world be a better place, but their chance for higher education may be actually enhanced.


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