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Monday, October 02, 2006

Had A Bad Day? Think Again.

I read a powerful and well written post about ( bad days, comparing ours to others. Keeping perspective. I suggest you read it because home schooling families get our share of bad days too. (Even though admitting it to government schoolers sometimes seems like suicide.)

Our experiences are certainly OUR experiences. But when you get old like us, you begin to realize that such experiences may not be the universal defining experience for anyone but ourselves. It is so easy to see everything only through our eyes, our lenses. We think we understand how they feel, because we understand how we would feel. I have come to believe that a huge canyon often divides the two, my experience and your bad day.

As "normal" members of the human race, our lives come complete with our normal share of bad days. As home schoolers, we choose to add the potential of yet another category of disasters to the normal bunch that everyone has. These difficult times certainly are school masters in the "one room school house" that we call "home" schooling.

I thought about this the other day while I was going through the toughest time, SO FAR, in my life. He has all the answers, yet often we don't ask. He has all the cures, yet often we don't seek his healing. He has all power, yet we don't seek his influence. He loves us at a level we can't understand, yet we often don't understand what it means when we say that He does love us.

Of course there are some bright spots in His life too. I did make the bed this morning and lift that small burden from Cyndy's back. That had to be a happy moment in all of human existence. However 24-7, when he picks up the happy stick, the other end comes with it. So I guess Cyndy and I need to learn to experience some of the same stuff He lives with all day. Even when it hurts us. After all it hurts Him too.

Finding a way to love others more perfectly, especially when we aren't that confident in loving, is all to often a trial and error process. Please be patient with me when I do the trial thing and it ends up an error thing.


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