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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Get A Maid - I'm Serious

I mentioned in a recent post, that we had a group of home schooling "interested" over a few weeks ago. Some were die hard home schoolers, some just considering it, others, just getting their feet wet. It was good for all of us to share and enjoy the benefits of just being together.

One concern that came up, a concern I have heard a lot of fathers voice over the years, had to do with whether or not their spouse "could" actually pull the "home schooling thing" off. Sometimes the concern revolves around the respect that exists or fails to exist between the children and the mom. Sometimes, there is a vision in the dad's head that causes him to believe that his wife needs a doctorate in order to "teach" at home. Then there is the dad who sees a capable spouse, but visualizes her continuing to do all the homemaking necessaries AND an 8 hour a day teaching job at the same time.

This last concern came up as we were talking and one of the dads said, "Well, home schooling is so important to me, that if my wife is going to spend this time with our kids in home schooling, I decided to get her a maid." The response to this idea was just amazing. He actually arranged for a maid to come in once a week or once every two weeks to get the house back in order.

Can you imagine anyone in the group turning that down? We spend a lot of time discussing all about methods, curriculum or the lack of it, children's learning styles and a hundred other concepts the center themselves on the children. Occasionally we talk about the large pink elephant in the corner, and that is burnout. I wonder how many other families would be home schooling if the stay at home spouse, in most cases the mom, knew that a maid was part of the deal?


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