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Monday, October 16, 2006

More Positive Reasons to Educate At Home

Home Schooling And Your Kids by Low Jeremy

Reasons I had never even considered for home schooling now show up in a national survey of over 7300 home schooling families.

Is home schooling effective?

Most people tend to believe so. Many experts think that home schooling can be an effective learning tool because it practices a more personalized form of education.

...this type of learning environment has helped many children absorb more of what they are being taught.

Some home school statistics show that a number of home school students scored as many as thirty percentile points higher than national public school averages

More Community Involvement?

In 2003, the NHERI or National Home Education Research Institute conducted an extensive survey of over 7,300 home-schooled adults in the US with over 5000 of them being part of the survey for over seven years. The findings of the said survey indicated that more home-schooled adults are more active and involved in their respective communities.

Voter Involvement?

Most of them are also more likely to get involved in civic affairs and have higher voting population percentages than their counterparts.

More Positive Parental Outlook?

In terms of outlook, almost three fourths of home schooled adults feel more positive and find life exciting as compared to less than half for the general population.

More Family Time?

Home education can be just as effective and efficient as having your children taught in traditional institutions. Home schooling just carries a big advantage over these educational institutions in the sense that this method can make parents and their kids find time together.

Closer to your kids and more effective education?

If you are looking forward to getting closer with your own kids and more active when it comes to their schooling, then home education for your kids should be considered.

Stay tuned. It gets better every day?


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