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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Actually Want To Get Better

A simple 3 x 5 card. But man is it effective. At the end of a recent training session where I was leading it, I asked the participants to write down their name, the date, one thing that they learned during the session and how they envisioned using that in their life from this point forward. This is helpful to me as a trainer, because I get a snapshot to see what from the training is making a possible difference. Sometimes, when no one mentions the entire point of the training, it is clear that I need to review what really went on versus what I envisioned would go on.

Anyway, one card said simply, "I hate change." That was it. I really love this guy. He is the salt of the earth type. He gives all he has in what he does. He just wants to be left alone. He doesn't want to be challenged to change. If he makes a change or improves, he wants it to be his idea, without outside influence and when he is ready not when someone else tells him it may be necessary. Are most people like this? I am not sure yet. Should I take a straw pole, or is the answer to that question so evident, so obvious, that I am the only one walking around with a grocery bag over my head?

What this leads to today for me, is how much I respect people, who for whatever reason, embrace change, and progress. Who are truth seeking missiles and are trying to improve each day in being a truth liver. And this, not in concept alone, but in action, in choices, in what they do. As a group, even though we are diverse, it is my observation that home schoolers seem to be willing to risk change and attempt progress more than others. I love being around you. I love your energy, your face set to the wind, your eyes focussed and keen, your step quick and with purpose and determination. Most of all I love that even being idealists, I don't see a whole lot of "holier than thou". That is good.

At home schooling conventions I have taught at, the one thing I like about the retail expos is watching the moms and some dads, looking booth to booth with intent. They are looking for something, anything that they can use to help their children. When they find it, they are willing to change course, willing to risk, and willing to pioneer yet one more new thing, even though it all requires energy, sacrifice and trust. "I am willing to change" to benefit my kids, is printed on their foreheads. You are people I LOVE to be around. You are a second home to me.

I am thankful I believe in a God, who expects me to change, to progress, and even facilitates it daily, because he was willing to experience the pain of change and suffer for change, that we might not have to suffer as much, as we improve and progress. I am better today than a while ago. I am thankful that the pain of change isn't so debilitating, because He suffers most of it for me. When I am around others who are on this path of change and love it, I feel I have found heaven on earth.

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  • wow- i love your blog. i am a mom to 2- 3 yr old boy (high-energy and lots of work) and a 3 month old girl. we want to homeschool- i guess we already do... and your blog is really, really helpful as i sort out my thoughts and feelings about hs.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:29 PM, April 01, 2007  

  • You have lots of time to sort out the homeschooling option. Years. So read on, observe and trust your children. Let them play. Expose them to something, observe their response, facilitate interest, don't freek out at non-interest, when it peters out, let it go and then later, start over.

    Your high energy boy, Lots of play, lots of field trips, let him see you enjoying and exploring the world. Let him see that for you, the world is full of stuff, your oyster, and you enjoy exploring it. M.

    By Blogger Mark and Cyndy Weiss, at 7:20 AM, April 09, 2007  

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