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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Global Warming For Home Schoolers

I have long felt very uncomfortable about the Global Warming debate. In the northwest, were we live, a few warmer and longer than normal summers are actually quite nice. No, it isn't the temperature that has me fidgeting, but the people who seem to be at the center of the argument for it. Al Gore claimed he invented the internet and of course didn't and now claims that the ocean is going to rise 20 feet in our life time. Is it? Well, we hear all the liberal media talking about GW as if it were already a fact. I didn't know where to turn to listen to any kind of opinion to the contrary.

If you have an hour, go here and listen. I did and to me the perspective is a breath of fresh and warm air.


  • Hi, I just found your blog via the HomeSchool Blog Awards, and thought that I'd let you know about this article I just read today, here at wnd:
    Apparently Joseph Farah's new book "Stop The Presses" also addresses this issue, and the media's political bias, etc.
    Great blog you have here, and congrats on your nomination for Best Homeschooling Dad!

    By Anonymous beth, at 10:31 AM, April 10, 2007  

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