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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Homeschoolers Excel In ACT College Entrance Exam

Once again... a great post on the HSLDA site. Why home school? Excellence in education, preserve high moral values, and safety. This post, of course, is about educational excellence.

Here goes:

ACT Inc., producer of the ACT college entrance exam, reports that homeschool students scored an average of 22.6 for 2003. This compares with 20.9 for public school students for the same period.

Over the years there has been concern that homeschool students would not be able to compete effectively for places in colleges. It was said that homeschool parents simply couldn't educate their children to the college level. This is false.

Even if an individual family is unable to provide every aspect of a high school education, the pooling of resources among homeschool families and the availability of classes from private resource centers have enabled families to continue homeschooling until high school graduation.

There should be no doubt that the homeschool movement is committed to excellence, from the youngest to the oldest student.


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