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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Want Less Homeschooling Stress for you and your children?

CNN of all places, offers this article entitled.

Report: Kids need more time for play from The American Academy of Pediatrics.

Numerous studies have shown that unstructured play has many benefits. It can help children become creative, discover their own passions, develop problem-solving skills, relate to others and adjust to school settings, the academy report says.

"Perhaps above all, play is a simple joy that is a cherished part of childhood," says the report, prepared by two academy committees for release Monday at the group's annual meeting in Atlanta.

And the lack of play? How can that impact your life?

A lack of spontaneous playtime can create stress for children and parents alike. If it occurs because young children are plopped in front of get-smart videos or older children lose school recess time, it can increase risks for obesity. It may even contribute to depression for many children, the report says.

Especially in the younger years, back of the academics a bit. Let them learn the way they were meant to at this age. We have been doing this for 27 years. They will develop more important skills this way than your reading lessons offer at the young ages. Please give this some thought.


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