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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I Can't Resist

We all worry, more or less and from time to time, about what others think about our efforts as home schoolers. For the most part I think we put our blinders on, and move forward in faith. Very few of us have enough children or have been doing this for long enough, to know for certain that our efforts at home will result in our children being productive, intelligent contributors to the world as they know it. Why is being the 'perfect' home schooling family such an illusive goal?"

It's late. I'm tired. But David sent me a link to read and given how little he has a chance to read internet stuff these days, I knew it must be good. Seth Godin again is where he found the quote. Click here to find the entire article. Here you go:

"The object isn’t to be perfect. The goal isn’t to hold back until you’ve created something beyond reproach. I believe the opposite is true. Our birthright is to fail and to fail often, but to fail in search of something bigger than we can imagine. To do anything else is to waste it all." I know of nothing more true for a home schooling parent, especially a home schooling mom, than this quote.

The quote also goes along with Jim Ferrell's "Students learn more watching other people learn, than from watching other people teach." There is a lot to gain from pondering this one.

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  • Your son is a very smart man. It was a pleasure watching hom grow at work. He was never afraid to try something new no matter how daunting it seemed. He didn't always succeed, at least not in his eyes, he did in mine because when he didn't suceed, he learned from it and that, to me, is success ;-)

    By Anonymous Lyne (David's old Boss), at 2:01 PM, July 03, 2008  

  • Lyne,

    David comes by it honestly. I don't know of anyone who has failed more than I have. His relationship with you was on of his most valued assets at MS. Thank you for being a wonderful mentor and coach. He learned a ton under your watch. So from the Dad, thanks.

    Dad Weiss

    By Blogger Mark Weiss, at 12:06 PM, July 05, 2008  

  • Thank you for linking to "Is it worthy?", it was fantastic.

    By Blogger christinemm, at 11:59 AM, July 06, 2008  

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