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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Great Read!

My son David sent me link for a wonderful article entitled Is Google Making Us Stupid?. In general, the article makes the point, that with every advance in technology, whether we know it or not, as human beings, we run the risk of losing something. To get the point I suggest you read it and decide for yourself.

I mention it because in a walk this morning with Cyndy and a few friends, the topic of "technology addiction" (or something like that) came up. I have noticed that boys who are glued to the tube, especially video games, have a very low attention span and seem to require major stimulation in order to maintain interest in almost anything other than video games. That isn't good, especially for your children.

IN the past, the person who found the unique piece of information, had an edge in any academic pursuit. Today, information itself is becoming less and less of an advantage, because everyone has access to it. In addition, there always seems to be someone who says things better, writes things better, or draws things better. So what is left? What is there then that gives each of us something to differentiate ourselves with? What is there that will give our children visibility and a strategic advantage?

David said, "it's YOU Dad. Your own way of looking at the world. Your own way of seeing that same things that others see. Your own way of saying what others are thinking. Being YOU is your competitive advantage. Being true to your inner self and expressing things after your own fashion. That is your advantage."

If he is right, and I feel he is, how can we as parents help our children find their own voice? How can we encourage them to remain true to that which is unique about them? Do we as parents, have eyes to see that which is unique about each of our children? If we see that uniqueness, how do we go about encouraging it and nurturing it? And further, what elements or activities in their lives encourage or discourage their unique personalities, perspectives and approaches?

These are good questions to consider and even discuss with others in your home schooling support group. Each day ticks by and as parents and home schoolers, it is another day to decide and encourage, what WE want to emphasize instead of leaving that influence up to someone else. We have that wonderful freedom, that came with the responsibility we assumed when we decided to home school, to be purposeful and thoughtful about shaping and forming our children intellectually as well as spiritually. With a little thought and a lot of inspiration, it is a most rewarding work!



  • With all due respect, David's answer sounds like a lot of postmodern claptrap. While our uniqueness is something to cherished, it is not that that differentiates or gives an advantage.

    Instead, it is the willingness of our children to learn how to serve their King. Who (or what) their King is is what differentiates them.

    By Anonymous John, at 5:34 AM, June 27, 2009  

  • I am not sure what post modern claptrap is actually. While the choice of who we serve or worship does also differentiate us, in this home we believe that life didn't begin at birth and it doesn't end at death. We lived with our creator before this life for eons of time, and will live forever after this life.
    The eternal scope of life, combined with our own agency to choose contributed to our development prior to this life, just as it does here and will forevermore. Clearly Mozart made different choices than Van Gogh, not only on earth, but also in the life before. And so it is in the eternities.
    It is this view of life, that explains the difference David was talking about. And, we also happen to believe this difference in me, that David pointed out, is also true for everyone we meet. While our eternal possibilities are enhanced when we choose to serve our God, our individual differences are by all objective observation, based on more than that. Thankfully so, because I still benefit from those who are really good at plumbing, as well as fine art.

    By Blogger Mark and Cyndy Weiss, at 8:09 AM, June 27, 2009  

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