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Thursday, June 12, 2008

What Are YOU Learning Today?

I read recently in "The Choice in Teaching and Education" offered by the Arbinger Institute that students learn more from watching other people learn, than from watching other people teach. I have rolled this around in my mind over and over again. I see evidence of the power of this idea that makes we want to study it more and promote it more.

1) In their books "The Anatomy of Peace", "Leadership and Self-Deception", "The Peacegiver", one theme that threads itself from book to book, is that influencing others to change begins most successfully, when we change ourselves first.

2) Covey says that private victory precedes public victory, and in his book "Succeeding With People" states that the first step in creating influence with others is what? YOu guessed it, "Example".

3) The Savior told us to first take the beam out of our own eye before trying to take it out of others.

4) Then in a recent post on David Weiss' Blog, he quotes noted business leader, Dee Hock, founder and CEO of VISA who indicates that, "The first and paramount responsibility of anyone who purports to manage is to manage self."

5) My personal observation of my wife and I would support this as well. Cyndy always has a place she wants to go, things she wants to learn, books she wants to read and field trips she wants to take. Yes she keep the boys moving forward on their home school projects and internet learning classes, but on top of it all, she has here own life to live as a learner. I think I am the same way.

Maybe the primary qualification for being an "at home instructor/facilitator" is that you have your own personal "curriculum" that the kids watch you do, and get excited about?

I'd say that is about it on that topic.

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