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Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Daughter Standing at the Feet of Thor

I wonder often, if for those who are still in the beginning of developing a home education philosophy, are dashed to pieces or lifted upon wings of eagles, when presented with a success story? Cyndy will begin to make some blog entries soon, and she can remember much more about the early days. Now, we are kind of in the latter days. Our youngest, number eleven, just had his 12th birthday. So those older than him, are part of the great harvest we are now experiencing. So... if you will be kind enough to allow me, yet another success story from a couple of average parents using an above average home schooling approach. One that works for us, is what I mean.

Christine is our number 4. Red head, multi-talented, was the last home coming queen (Miss Ricks) of Ricks College before its name changed to BYU-Idaho, returned missionary to southern Ecuador, and now graduated from BYU-I after 5 years, and from what I am told, was the first BYU-I grad to be accepted to the BYU-Provo Masters in Public Health program. Furthermore, she finished her last semester with 21 credit hours of 4.0 work!

Cropping the picture takes away the Thor statue, which is a rendezvous point on campus. As the graduation speaker said. Some graduate Summa Cum Laude, some Cum Laude and others Thanky Laude. Christine is the product of a home schooling environment. Christine is a leader. Christine is competitive on an intellectual basis in her work. She is kind, compassionate, involved in the lives of others (ie no problems with socialization), articulate, a good and careful decision maker, and will someday be a great mom and contributor to her community.

All of this because our home schooling choices allowed us to persist long enough, so that the fruits could be harvested. The primary reason for this website is to try in our feeble way, to help you believe that you can do it too! And you can! Sometimes friends enjoy getting the "truth" from our kids. You can, if you want, email Christine at Again, we say, keep your home schooling methods as simple as possible, while still reaching your educational goals, so that you don't burn out. When you do, the day comes, when you find your children standing at the feet of Thor.


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