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Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Kid Who Wasn't Reading Well At Age 10

After following a home based education model for all of these years with all 11 of our children, we have stories of success, failure, highlights and lowlights. Some of these stories have achieved "legend" status in our family, stories we use often to remind our children why we persist with home schooling. One was the time when our #2, David, hadn't quite hit Cyndy's expectation for reading. This made for a dual crisis. David and Cyndy. The crisis for David was that his mom was freaked out. The crisis for Cyndy was that her ability as a home schooling parent was being brought into question. Could she really be a good teacher if our #2 wasn't learning to read?

Well, kids learn when they want to learn. And when they are ready they really make progress fast. So here is a little evidence of this boy's "progress" over the years.

Go Here for the Surprise!

After you go to the link, have a great week and be believing.

Mark and Cyndy


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