Trust The Children

Monday, April 06, 2015

The opportunity home schoolers have

"We learn to think through intellectual engagement and intellectual combat, not through indoctrination. 

Our entire notion of school is wrong. We need to stop “teaching” and we need to start letting kids explore their own interests with adult guidance. There is no need to defend the liberal arts. Make the choices interesting and then give them many choices. By this I do not mean choices of courses to take. Enough with courses and classes. Let them choose experiences to have. It is our job to build potential experiences for them, guide them through the ones they have chosen, and offer alternatives when they change their minds."

This quote from Roger Shank describes those moments when home schooling made the biggest difference in our children. The whole motivation issue associated with formal teaching goes away when kids have fun learning through exploration and we as parent assure them that it counts for real learning


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